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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Through HWSAC (your local BSAC club), you can enjoy the full range of club and training activities - including specialist skill development courses - as well as weekend dive trips, diving holidays and social activities.

Dive Tales

“High Wycombe” Divers Conquer the “Manacles” - Paul Coxon
12 hardy divers (a full boat load) spent 3 wonderful days in July diving the beautiful, but challenging Manacles reef off the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall. read full story »
Plymouth May 2007 - Alan Davies
The early May bank holiday saw 11 intrepid HWSAC divers and the Club Social Secretary visit Plymouth. The early season water was a respectable 10 - 12 degrees and despite the slightly choppy sea conditions - sea sickness was kept to a minimum. The 10 metre Rhib with it's 400 horsepower engines cut-ting through the waves getting us out to the dive site and back - quickly! read full story »
Lyme Regis Saturday 14th April - Pete Mowatt
Eleven divers plus one non-diver enjoyed an excellent day aboard Miss Pattie diving the Bagitano and the Sawtooth ledges. The weather could hardly have been kinder, slightly overcast until the afternoon, and at about 20˚C above water, just perfect for drysuits. Calm seas, viz of 5-7m and virtually no current to speak of (even for the Sawtooth ledges drift) made for perfect diving conditions. read full story »
Did you ever wonder what on earth that "thing" that you saw on the wreck last weekend was, or even whether it was animal, vegetable or mineral? Could you identify an elephantine sponge, or differentiate between that and a gooseberry, grated carrot or breadcrumb sponge? Did you know that a crab can regenerate its limbs if it loses one in a fight and can even swap from being left to right-handed? read full story »
Little is known about this Landing Craft lying about two miles south south west of the cliff of White Nothe, just east of Weymouth . From the size of the wreck it is probable that she was a LCM (landing craft mechanised). read full story »
The Saint Dunstan as a turn of the century bucket dredger sunk by a mine on September 23rd 1917. She is almost the perfect size wreck, small enough to see on one dive but large enough not to get crowded. Lying in 29 meters of water a five miles south of West Bay in Lyme Bay she is upside down and partially intact. There are always huge shoals of bib and poor cod milling around this wreck, as well as plentiful conger eels inside the engine room. read full story »
The M2 started life in 1916 as K19 but due to major problems with the K class of submarines work was suspended after the keel was laid. A new class of submarines, based on the keel of the K class was designed. read full story »
I’ve been living the last three months in a dream. "If you can imagine a place so remote that it takes three days to travel there and involves a total of eighteen hours on three planes, a nine hour bus journey along rough, dirt tracks and a two hour boat trip over clear blue sea. Two hotels, a trip to the immigration office and endless rainforest scenery. On this island I spent a summer diving coral reefs and sunbathing, and it is an experience I will never forget". read full story »
Mexico - Gavin Bashford

Fifteen divers, six planes, two dive boats, two countries and over a metric ton of dive kit; this was to be the most complicated logistic expedition ever mounted by the High Wycombe branch of BSAC.

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7 divers from High Wycombe set off for a long weekend diving of the Farne Islands, north of Newcastle. After an epic drive up we all arrived as the pub shut, so sadly missed a well-needed pint. After a good sleep we headed into breakfast and met the skipper and mate that would be looking after us for the trip. We headed down to the boat and loaded up in the calm harbour, all looking forward to good days diving ahead.

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