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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Dive Tales

Plymouth 28th – 29th May 2011

With some south coast diving being blown out, a group of HWSAC divers braved the seas and headed out as planned on board Aquanaut skippered by Douglas Allen. Dougie had promised that even in these conditions he could “place the boat between our butt cheeks” and he didn’t disappoint!


On Saturday Simon had arranged with the authorities for us to dive the protected wreck, HMS Coronation. There isn’t anything left of the wooden ship other than huge cannons and anchors. I initially confused the first cannon to be a rock, I wasn’t expecting it to be so big. Big grins were exchanged when I realised what it was.
HMS Coronation

Next dive was a man made channel in the sea bed, looking at the echo sounder this went from around 15-36m very quickly so we were looking forward to seeing what this looked like down at the bottom. We found some lobster, dog fish and flatties, but not a huge amount else.


The first dive was the Scylla, this is a well known artificial reef that was recently sunk. We spent most of the dive inside the top deck which was great fun. Thank you Simon for the tour!

Conditions had deteriorated somewhat and the ride to shelter for the surface interval was “interesting”. I have never got “air” before on a boat! Fortunately most people had dosed up on kwels and stugeron and seemed to actually enjoy the ride with amazingly, no one being sick!

The last dive was the harbour wall, not a huge amount to see, but nice to be in some calmer water.

In the evening we headed out for a rather tasty Mexican and a sampling of the local beers to finish off a cracking weekend.

Liam and I managed to get a cheeky shore dive in on Monday morning to weight check new under suits, with not a lot of gas left from the weekend we managed a giddy 3.5m. We were very lucky to see a submarine out on manoeuvres, fortunately/unfortunately (we can’t decide) this passed just before we got in!

Thanks to Simon and Angela for organising the trip.

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