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Monday, October 21, 2019
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Dive Tales

Eleven divers plus one non-diver enjoyed an excellent day aboard Miss Pattie diving the Bagitano and the Sawtooth ledges. The weather could hardly have been kinder, slightly overcast until the afternoon, and at about 20˚C above water, just perfect for drysuits. Calm seas, viz of 5-7m and virtually no current to speak of (even for the Sawtooth ledges drift) made for perfect diving conditions.
Congratulations to James who clocked up his 100th dive, he and Vicky collected scallops on the ledges to take home for a celebratory meal.
Ron is perfecting his wet drysuit technique. He successfully flooded his drysuit (again) during the first dive on the Bagitano, but has failed, so far, in finding a method of drying it, and himself, in time for his second dive. The rest of us didn’t mind, as it meant that he could help Andy in kitting and de-kitting us.
Tony spent most of his surface interval upside down, draining, as he too had tried Ron’s technique. He obviously needs more practice as significant dampness was the result, rather that total flooding, and was still able to complete his second dive.
Alan, forgetting that he was in the UK, rather than Mosambique, decided to leave his hood and gloves in his car. He is made of stern stuff though and boldly braved the water. He was however, still very grateful of the loan of Ron’s, now redundant kit, for his second dive.
We all agreed that the Bagitano is well worth another visit with plenty of ‘wreck’ to explore and abundant marine life. Jane wants to go back as she still has NEVER seen a conger (does she dive with her eyes closed?).
The Sawtooth ledges also had a variety of life, particularly the abundant sea fans, but it would seem that Pete and Stuart were the only ones that found them. The Ledges are easily missed being only 200yds wide by a mile or so long!!
Clive has learnt his lesson arriving an hour early, and with all his kit, ensuring he would not ‘miss the boat’ this time.
Sean and Rob should not go without a mention, but there is nothing to say about them except that Rob put in a lot of work helping Pete to plan the day (thanks Rob) and Sean drove Rob down (thanks Sean). Just remembered, Sean does a great DSMB deployment… without line attached!
Oh, and thanks to Andy who although he couldn’t dive, still came along and helped out on the boat.
The day was rounded off by a couple of beers and a chin-wag at the Crown, Bridport before we all made a safe journey home.
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